A Great Ackworth Family

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Ackworth School, Old Scholar

Dr. Dorothy Gertrude Walker Robbins, 100, of Wolfville died peacefully on October 15, 2021. The youngest daughter of Frank Walker and Gertrude Andrews, both of whom came to Canada from North Yorkshire, England, she spent her early years happily at Ackworth School at the age of 12 where she stayed to complete her high school education. Her parents and sisters had attended Ackworth, where her grandfather, Frederick Andrews, was and still is known as the longest standing headmaster. She loved her years there and felt they were responsible for equipping her for the direction she chose in her life.


Independent, outgoing, hardworking, determined, fun-loving, generous, and stubborn at times, Dorothy wanted to be remembered as someone who “maybe made a difference”. Her family, friends, colleagues, and students can certainly attest that she did! Dorothy remained in touch with Ackworth School where she attended virtual events during the pandemic.

Dorothy was our last direct contact with Frederick Andrews. Read more about our Ackworth Old Scholar community by clicking here.