Developing spirited, resilient
and creative pupils who act
with kindness and responsibility.

Welcome to Ackworth School

Developing spirited, resilient
and creative pupils who act
with kindness and responsibility.

Welcome to Ackworth School


Embrace the transformative power of education guided by our Quaker values. At Ackworth School, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience for young people, rooted in compassion, integrity, and equality. With a rich history spanning over 240 years and an ‘excellent’ rating in our recent ISI report, we embody Quaker principles in all aspects of school life.

Our curriculum inspires intellectual curiosity, while our committed staff foster a nurturing and inclusive environment. Through small class sizes and personalised attention, we empower each student to develop their unique talents and contribute positively to society.

Beyond academic excellence, we emphasise the importance of community, respect, and social responsibility.

Our values guide us in nurturing a culture of kindness, empathy, and equality.

Please take some time to explore our website to discover more about Ackworth School and how together we can help prepare your child for a bright and happy future.

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What makes Ackworth School different?

Set in the beautiful heart of Yorkshire, within easy reach of major UK cities and transport routes, Ackworth School is a place for:


Ackworth is an all-through school for children, aged two-and-a-half to nineteen years. This stability throughout their educational journey gives pupils outstanding continuity and the opportunity to forge lifelong friendships, creating an environment for increased academic focus and confidence.


With an emphasis on individual goalsetting and encouragement, the learning journey your child will experience at Ackworth School enables them to realise outstanding results, often beyond expectation. Ackworth’s pupils leave the school equipped to lead a fulfilled and responsible adult life.


Ackworth School invests equal time in supporting your child’s growth and emotional development, as in their academic development. We believe that happiness and fulfilment are an integral part of your child’s educational progression.


Quaker values of Peace, Equality, Sustainability, Simplicity and Truth are inherent in everything we do. Whilst most staff and pupils are from non-Quaker families, these relevant principals set the foundations for a life based on mutual respect and trust, and a belief that every member of the community has equal value.

Boarding at Ackworth School

Ackworth was always designed to be a mixed boarding school and currently one quarter of the Senior School boards. Ackworth has a flexible approach to boarding in response to parental and student needs. Some pupils go home for the main holidays, others go home most weekends. Some board for the whole of their time at Ackworth; others board for perhaps one or two years. By prior arrangement, our day pupils can take advantage of the boarding provision, if at any time it suits their academic, extracurricular, or home life commitments.

Boarding helps pupils to focus on study. Time and energy are not wasted on travel and boarders have access to the school’s excellent facilities late into the evening and at weekends. Day scholars in the Sixth Form often take full advantage of boarding for study, social interaction, and to gain a degree of independence in preparation for university. Boarding at Ackworth School starts from age 11 (Year 6).


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