A-Level Computer Science

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Latest News

Computer science has the power to change and influence lives. We need you to contribute!

Our aim in the Computer Science department is to develop computer science theory and programming skills at an advanced level within engaging and progressive lessons. The course contains two exam papers and a non exam assessment. This will give pupils an opportunity to develop a coding project of their choice within a client based scenario.

Specialised resources and assessments are regularly carried out to closely monitor progress and a personalised teaching and learning approach is implemented to give pupil the opportunity to maximise their progress.

Every pupil has access to the ICT suite of computers, is assigned an individual IPad and cloud based storage. This enables the link between home and remote study to be readily available.  Subject areas have their own workstations and access to Apple TV within classrooms. An extended Wifi network around the school has been established thereby expanding e-Learning possibilities


    Department Staff:

    Mr Sanderson

    Course: OCR A Level Computer Science

    Course code: H446


    Module and course content:

    • The characteristics of contemporary processors, input, output and storage devices

    • Software and software development

    • Exchanging data

    • Data types, data structures and algorithms

    • Legal, moral, cultural and ethical issues

    • Elements of computational thinking

    • Problem solving and programming

    • Algorithms to solve problems and standard algorithms


    The learner will choose a computing problem to work through according to the guidance in the specification.

    • Analysis of the problem

    • Design of the solution

    • Developing the solution

    • Evaluation