A-Level Geography

The study of Geography has value for all pupils irrespective of age, gender and ability. It is about understanding the local, national and global environments in which our pupils live and how these different environments are connected through complexities of economy, environment and social discourse. Geography provides a link between the natural and human world; the sciences and the humanities, and increasingly looks towards sustainable development. Geography enhances an understanding of global interdependence in the modern world and allows pupils to reflect critically on their place in the world and their rights and responsibilities as a global citizen.

Geography at Ackworth covers a range of themes taking in human and physical geographies, including glacial features, global health patterns and tectonics in the Sixth Form.  Geography students in the Sixth form enjoy multiple trips and experiences both in the UK and overseas.  Field experience is vital to understanding how processes work as well as improving analysis and graphical skills. Recent overseas trips have included Iceland and a joint trip with the History department to Sicily. We believe that these syllabuses not only allow the students to study Geography in great depth, but also enable them to express their views and opinions, something that they will need to be able to do confidently later in life.  We seek to teach pupils not only to gain a high grade, but also to have an awareness of the world and current affairs beyond School by using geography in the news which is directly linked to the curriculum.

Department Staff:

Rosalind Noble, Elena Clark

Exam board: OCR

Syllabus code: H481


Module and course content:

Earth’s Life Support Systems

Glaciated Landscapes

 Changing Spaces; Making Places

 Global Migration

 Power and Borders

 Disease Dilemmas

 Hazardous Earth


 Non-examined assessment (independent fieldwork)

Pupil Quote:


“Geography is a dearly rewarding subject. The content you learn is incredibly interesting and more importantly very useful information to possess about our planet and its abundance of beautiful intricacies. Alternatively, I feel as though a lot of the course is on world affairs which are significantly relevant to our current state and to us as the future generation! Moreover, there are literal once in a lifetime opportunities for trips abroad for you to embark on with our truly wonderful Geography department.”