A-Level Psychology

A-Level Psychology

“Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour: how we think, feel, act and interact individually and in groups.”

The British Psychological Society

Psychologists are scientists, and they use Research Methods to investigate questions. Psychologists investigate many areas of thought and behaviour; a variety of methods exist to ensure that there is always one appropriate to the needs of the study.

You will learn to critically consider the choices researchers have made in designing their studies, evaluating the validity of research and the conclusions that have been made. You will see how a study evolves from an initial idea to a piece of published research, with the power to change the way society thinks and behaves.

The Psychology A-level course will help you develop a number of skills:

  • How to view the world around you from different perspectives
  • How to plan and conduct scientific investigations
  • How to analyse and interpret data
  • How to reason critically
  • How to communicate your point of view

Department Staff: Helen Batty, Alistar Boucher

Exam Board: AQA A-Level Psychology

Syllabus code: 7182

Modules and course content:

Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology

  •  Social Influence
  •  Memory
  • Attachment
  • Psychopathology


Paper 2: Psychology in Context

  • Approaches
  • Biopsychology
  • Research Methods


Paper 3: Issues and Options in Psychology

  • Issues and Debates
  • Gender
  • Eating Behaviour
  • Aggression