Ackworth Old Scholars reunite in Dubai

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Old Scholar

Back in November 2021, Ackworth Old Scholars came together for the first Old Scholar Reunion in the Middle East. There had been plans in place for this to happen sooner, however the pandemic have prevented the opportunity to connect face to face.

Old Scholars Saad Ansari and Julie Lewis attended the event. They were met by Ackworth School representative, Tom Shennan-Barker (Director of Marketing and Admissions)

Julie remembered her time at Ackworth School, “41 years ago, I graduated from Ackworth School and I was very proud to be Head Girl in my final year 1979 – 1980. I am absolutely delighted to be here in Dubai at the Ackworth Old Scholars reunion reminiscing of the joys and the pleasures, sometimes the challenges and the pain of being at a boarding school from 11 years young to 18 years old. I am super excited to go back in July 2022 for the Open Day”.


The Ackworth Old Scholar event in Dubai has been a great experience for OS to reconnect with the school, sharing fond memories. These AOS events are also an opportunity to forge new connections overseas.

Both Julie and Saad recounted their unique experiences of boarding life and how they differed, being over 20 years apart in their time at the school.

Tom Shennan-Barker said, “It was wonderful to connect with our Old Scholars in Dubai and enable them to connect with each other. We know that there are Old Scholars all around the world who are eager to rekindle connections with old classmates and forge new ones with other former pupils. These events are a great way to do just that.”

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