Ackworth School Represented in Maths Challenge Final

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Ackworth School

Having taken top spot in the regional championships in November, Ackworth’s maths team were poised to take on 87 of the country’s best in London.

Taylor and her three team mates, Oliver, Aldrich and Jamie – Ackworth’s sharpest mathematicians – were prepared to take on some the best school teams the country had to offer. Today, alongside Ackworth, sat a further 87 teams, all of who had found some sort of success in a regional championship, a grand total of 1,200 teams entered and these proved to be the cream of the crop.

A long and tiring day saw Ackworth place 44th, no small feat considering the large number of teams originally involved.

Taylor says the team thoroughly enjoyed the experience, immersing themselves in the spirit of competition and being surrounding by like-minded individuals – as well as exploring the many tourism opportunities London has to offer. She also commended the team spirit and set her sights on next year.

“[It] was a marvellous reward our hard-working effort and especially our close-knit solidarity throughout the competition. All in all we had an unforgettable experience today and will try to get a better place in next year’s competition”.