Big Bang Fair 2019

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Ackworth School

Andrey competed in the Big Bang Fair 2019 which took place earlier this month at the NEC, Birmingham.

The programme aims to select and fund a candidate, The Young Scientific Instrument Maker 2019 to participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in the USA in May this year.

Andrey was selected by the SIM judges, for a project entitled ‘A novel method for skeletal age estimation based on cranial suture analysis‘ at the Big Bang Science Fair 2019.

Andrey’s method for assessing how well the cranial suture had healed (the determinant of age) was to use an instrument that took the subjectivity out of the assessment of gap width in the suture from cross sectional scans of the skull. The instrument accurately measured the mix of light and dark pixels in an image of the scan, and employed a mathematical algorithm to put an accurate measure on the degree of healing. Tests had shown the repeatability and accuracy of the method.

Andrey will now be given a short period of technical and commercial mentoring before attending ISEF in the USA in May.