Easter and the Quaker Faith

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Ackworth School, Quaker

Ackworth School is many things to many people; a UK boarding school, a home from home or simply a Yorkshire independent school.

It is all those things, but at its heart, it is a Quaker school, with an ethos that revolves around a set of core Quaker values: Simplicity, Truth, Equality, Peace and Sustainability. With Easter upon us, we ask the question: what does Easter mean to the Quaker faith?

Although a Christian faith, Quakers believe that every day is holy and they do not hold one day in higher esteem than another. Due to this, Quakers do not celebrate traditional Christian festivals such as Easter and Christmas. In fact, if you were to attend a Quaker meeting for worship on Easter Sunday you would find that it is much the same as any other day in the year.

This does not mean, though, that Easter isn’t personally significant for many Quakers. Ackworth School’s Visiting Friend and old scholar, Zephyrine Barbarachild looks upon it as a time for reflection:

“[It’s] the spiritual gateway to spring, whatever date Easter occurs. A new beginning – for me much more important than Christmas.”

In essence, far removed from the ceremony of other denominations of the Christian faith but no less personally important; especially in terms of quiet reflection, a foundation for self-improvement and an overarching embrace of the Easter story’s message of hope.

We wish you a warm and safe Easter weekend, in whatever way you may be spending it.