Positive GCSE results amidst grading uncertainty

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Ackworth School

Ackworth School pupils have done very well in what has been an incredibly difficult year. Most of them watched events last week with trepidation and were relieved when common sense prevailed.
The school’s results reveal that:
  • 96% of pupils achieved 9-4 grades
  • 82% achieved 9-5
  • 67% achieved 9-6
  • 50% achieved 9-7
  • 32% achieved 9-8.
Anton Maree, Head said: “I am delighted with these results which compare very favourably with previous years. My teachers have worked hard to assess our pupils and they have all been awarded grades that are both fair and consistent and will stand up to close scrutiny by awarding bodies.”
Individual success stories include Charlotte and Jasmine who both achieved 10 9s and Harriet who achieved nine. Twins Harriet and Emily achieved an astonishing 16 9s between them and Rhys gained eight 9s. These are just a few of many wonderful achievements that have brightened the day for our pupils’ parents and their teachers after an astonishing two weeks of U-turns.
Dan Jones, Head of Fourth and Fifth Form said: “These results come as no surprise. Our Fifth form worked hard and were on track when schools were forced to shut by the government. Their results are a positive confirmation of their ability.”