Steinway Showcase for Ackworth School

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Ackworth School, Music

On Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd March, Ackworth School were lucky enough to take seventeen students down to London, to perform at Steinway Hall.

This comprised of our Senior Choir, and three pianists, who received a masterclass each from internationally renowned pianist, Ashley Wass. The students also received a tour of the Steinway showrooms, learned about the history of the company, and got to play on the piano that is used in the Royal Albert Hall during the BBC Proms! The first day ended with a recital given in the Steinway Hall by the pianists, Senior Choir and other selected musical numbers. The opportunity to then watch a matinee performance of Hamilton the following day was very well earned!

“I extremely enjoyed our visit to London. The masterclass on Wednesday afternoon was extremely interesting and I learned so much from it as it allowed me to develop my skills to a further extent, and explore different aspects of music. Exploring the different pianos, and learning about the wider context of steinway’s pianos. I also really enjoyed exploring the streets of London, and engaging in musical activities such as ‘ creating a piano by using only our bodies’. Hamilton was also extremely exciting. The music was great, and the choreography was phenomenal. The actors were very  talented and a great inspiration” – Charlotte 


“First, I want to appreciate Mr. McCarthy, Miss Strong, and Miss Younger for planning this wonderful trip to London. I was astonished by the Steinway Spirio’s ability to accurately capture your playing, stimulate the pianist’s style, and actually show the keys moving up and down, note by note. I occasionally join the choir, sometimes with the wrong lyrics, but it’s a lot of fun. I had the great fortune to attend Ashley Wass’ Master Class, during which he demonstrated a novel fingering technique and described the importance of breathing properly. I love this trip!” – Brian